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ISMPP 2020 Poster on Omnichannel Planning for Publications

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This page provides information on a survey conducted earlier this year to better understand healthcare professionals’ behaviors and preferences for “consumption” of publication content in our increasingly digital world.

“Consumption of Publication Content— Mapping the Audience Journey to Inform Omnichannel Planning in an Open World”
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These survey findings were presented at the US ISMPP conference on June 16-18, 2020. It is our hope that this information contributes to our industry’s understanding of how approaches to scientific communications need to evolve. In addition to the poster, this page provides the following resources:

Additional Survey Findings

such as additional background data and examples

Sample Omnichannel Plan

for which we used our own ISMPP poster to illustrate omnichannel approaches

Omnichannel Planning Template

to assist you with omnichannel planning